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What type of parties do you provide?

All inclusive themed parties and Character visits. We provide parties for children and for special occasion adults too. We set up ,entertain and clean up. No need to stress because we can do it all. Characters are also available to entertain at your own party event. They add that special touch. DIY parties are a great solution to a budget friendly event or for someone that just needs a little extra wow!

How far in advance do I need to reserve my party?

It's best to reserve your ideal date 4-6 weeks in advance. However, if you call up to one week in advance, your date and time is open. We would be happy to reserve it for you.

How many children can attend?

All themed parties include a set guest limit. Usually 11 count and the birthday child. You may add more guest to your party with additional $15 per child at time of booking. A final count will be given 1 week prior to the date. At that time you will be responsible for that amount of guests. We prepare for your event with that count. If the total amount of guest don't attend you will still be charge. We prepare for that amount. You will be responsible for siblings or other guests that attend that hasn't RSVP. Please make sure that you provide food & beverage to non-guests. We can accommodate large groups with advance notice.

How far will you travel?

We love to make everyone happy. We will try to service a large range. If over 30 miles from Denton county there will be a travel fee added of $25

How much time do you need to set up & clean up?

We arrive about 45 Min's-1 hour before the time for a hosted party. Clean up is 30-40 Min's after the party. Character visit usually will start right at scheduled time & end on time.

What about food & beverages?

At this time we don't provide any food & beverage service. If you wish to provide cake, snacks or, drinks we happily help serve them. Remember to provide items for your family, siblings, unexpected & non-guests.

What do I need to do before you arrive to set up?

We ask to provide a safe environment. All animal should be kept away from party area. They may be too excited or frightened from all the costumed people. Push living room furniture to the sides for the best space. Dining or kitchen table needs to be ready with right amount of chairs for guests.

What if I don't have much space in my house?

We usually can provide a great party in little spaces. Think about your guest count. We have created great parties at churches, clubhouses and community centers. We can help find an alternate location.

What if your late or someone sick?

We make every effort to arrive at your event by the scheduled time. Occasionally, factors beyond our control affect our ability to do so. If the service ordered arrives 30 minutes or more behind schedule, the client has the right to cancel the service and receive a full refund. If client accepts the service ordered, client will be responsible for payment in full (no discounts). We understand, however, that emergencies or illness may arise that makes it necessary to cancel. If you would like to reschedule your event, we would be happy to at our earliest time available within 30 days. We regret, your deposit is non-refundable.

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